Let CME Designs Inc. help you stay focused on running your core business by off loading your IT work force needs to CME. We offer a comprehensive package of IT services. Services include:

Website Development - Have a new business, new product, or new marketing champaign? We can help with site design, content creation, hosting, and technical support.

Internet Marketing - Our marketing services include Search engine optimization (SEO), Social network marketing, Corporate identity and logo branding design. As the Internet continues to grow and evolve so do the channels in which we communicate with and market to our customers. Let us help your business stay current and revenant with the latest Internet marketing strategies (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, etc.)

Metrics Reporting - In order to move thoughtfully & strategically at the speed of light you need information and metrics in realtime. Knowing the who, what, when and where of your customers is invaluable at helping to focusing your business resources. We provide realtime site access, search, demographics, and ad campaign reporting.

Infrastructure Design - As Information Technology becomes more complex and publicly accessible so does the need to design a secure, efficient, and cost effective infrastructure. With over 16 years Enterprise & small business experience, let our specialized engineers design, deploy, and support your business infrastructure.

Desktop Support - Desktop support can be a costly and disruptive nuisance for business. We offer a broad and flexible range of cost effective customer Desktop Support services.